Matthew Hall is a computer scientist, specializing in security and networking.

-- Matthew Hall, 31 May 2016


Fingerprint: 7028 4D92 FB63 1FE0 5949 0E44 E573 682A 8493 55B3

Skills and Interests

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Native IPv6 Dual Stack

This site has native IPv6 since 2013-01-01 thanks to 1&1 Internet's Native IPv6 Beta Test Program. IPv6 is now available in the 1&1 administrative interface.


Efficient Prevention of Credit Card Leakage from Enterprise Networks

Matthew Hall, Reinoud Koornstra and Miranda Mowbray, "Efficient Prevention of Credit Card Leakage from Enterprise Networks", in B. de Decker et al. (Eds.) CMS 2011, LNCS 7025, pp.238-240, 2011.

We have developed a new approach to the problem of preventing the leakage of credit card numbers in traffic on a large enterprise network. In contrast to a previously-used method, it has higher throughput, and it can be partly implemented in hardware without any additional libraries.

Security Advisories

Security Advisories MU-201202-01 and MU-201202-02 for GnuTLS and Libtasn1

TLS record handling vulnerability in GnuTLS [MU-201202-01] [CVE-2012-1573]

ASN.1 length decoding vulnerability in Libtasn1 [MU-201202-02] [CVE-2012-1569]

Security Advisory for Redis 2.6.16: rdbSave temporary file creation

GitHub Issue for Advisory